Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Training Week 2, Day 2 (Day 8)

More Short Leash Work

Pete was extraordinary at the nursing home this morning. He's learning that when I release him from command, it's okay to sniff around and go potty. A few minutes of heeling with turns and I took him into the building. Lots of distractions. Gratefully, the entrance leads to a very big room where I could do proper turns. A couple of those and we went into the meeting. Sat on the leash and he settled right away and almost fell asleep. Afterward, he said hello to some of the staff and residents, practiced heeling in a few aisles and worked on sitting in the presence of distraction (yes, I know that isn't in the program yet, but he does know how to sit on command). He was very impressive for such a young puppy. Heck - even for a grown dog, he was impressive.

We received his little hearing ear dog in training bandanna yesterday, which he wore. It's very cute - it's red with white lettering. Pics later.

Regarding the access issue with Old Time Pottery - I called yesterday and got someone's voice mail, but no call back. Have to call tomorrow, if I have time. It's my birthday.

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