Monday, November 5, 2007

Training Day 7

Introducing the Short Lead

Today Pete passed his distraction test on the longe line and was graduated to the short lead. I couldn't have been prouder of him!

The weather was lousy - chilly, very windy and overcast. Not the sort of day when one really cares to tool around with a dog, so our session was short. I didn't have a chance to take him on a public outing - just a little through the neighborhood. Walking on pavement - either sidewalk or street - proved to be not challenging enough for him, so I took him onto a large grassy area. That worked - he proceeded to try doggy things, mostly sniffing around. I can see that we will be working a lot in grass - while we still have some left!

Speaking of weather, I didn't even try to get any video of the dogs playing today. Will try when weather is better.

We have a visit to the nursing home on schedule for tomorrow for a meeting. I'll try to get there a little early and do some heeling exercises outside before bringing him in. Once in the meeting, we'll practice Margot's "sit on the dog." He's such a great little guy!

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