Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Training Break for Socialization

Oops... what was I thinking?

Today is Halloween. I promised to take Piglet to the nursing home, and since it was such a great opportunity, I took little Pete with for socialization. He's really taking things in stride. No woofing, just great interest in everybody and everything.

After that, I stopped by a friend's house - one who rescues cats. She also has several dogs of various sizes and shapes and a horse or two - sometimes sheep. Pete hasn't been exposed to cats yet - something which is often the undoing of a drivey cowdog. You gotta start these guys when they're young.

So today he met his first kitty. First he was greeted by a very nice mini-dachshund named André, which got his hackles up from stem to stern. Then the cat's arrival sent him into a barking fit for which I let him know immediately was not acceptible. After that, he very nicely approached and sniffed the kitty and was okay with him as long as the cat didn't run. When the cat did take a romp, Pete and I practiced recalls. GOOD DOG!

Tomorrow I expect the weather to cooperate and I will be doing Day Four's lesson on the longe line.

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